Nail Measuring

Things you’ll need :

• Ruler

• Marker or pen

Wrap a small piece of tape around your finger. Using a marker or pen, mark both sidewalls of your nail(s) at the widest part of each side. Remove the tape, place it on a ruler, and count the millimeters to determine the size you’ll need. Repeat with each nail.


Things you’ll need :

• Tape measure

Using the millimeter side of the tape measure, hold it horizontally across the widest part of your nail bed. Count the millimeters from one side to the next to determine which size you’ll need. Repeat with each nail.

Shipping and refunds

When your order is received we begin working on it immediately. Once your order is shipped it may take up to 2-5 days to be received. Ready To Ship sets ship next day, Made To Order sets take 1-7 days to be shipped. We do not ship out orders on weekends.

Flossy Brand Press On Nails are a cosmetic product. Returns, exchanges, and refunds ARE NOT accepted for any purchases made.


Your gorgeous nail set(s), a full sized nail file, full sized nail glue, a handwritten thank you note, a wooden cuticle pusher, sticky gel adhesive tabs (for short term wear), nail removal instructions, and a custom brand gift.

Application and Removal

Wash and dry your hands.

Nail Prep :

Use the flattened side of the cuticle pusher in your order to push your cuticles back off of your nail plate. Then use the sharper pencil shaped side to remove the dead skin off of your nail plate by gently dragging it across the cuticle area of your nail. Use the nail file in your order to file and/or buff over your nail plate to remove the natural oils from your nails. This will give your nails a matte, dehydrated look. Take a paper towel, napkin, or towel to remove the dust from your nails and fingers.

For nail glue application :

Apply glue to the entirety of your nail and a small drop to the back of your Flossy Brand press on nails (please work with 1 nail at a time). Align the press on to your natural nail to ensure it is straight then push the nail down at the cuticle area then upward toward the tip (free edge) of your nail. This prevents access air from being trapped between your nail and the Flossy Brand press on nail. Apply pressure to the press on nail for 10-20 seconds to ensure adhesion. Repeat the process for each nail. Avoid your nails being by water for 3 hours after application.

You have the option to soak them off with very warm water and oil (we suggest an oily body wash) in a bowl/cup or you can soak your nails in acetone. Removal instructions are included in your order.

**Only use acetone if you do not plan on reusing your nails.**

With proper natural nail prep before press on nail application your nails are not likely to pop off.


Up to 3 weeks with proper nail prep.

You can reuse your Flossy Brand nails by soaking them off with warm water and oil (we suggest oily body wash) then doing your best to file away the nail glue from your nails with the nail file you receive with your order after they have been removed.

If you do not plan to reuse your nail set, yes. Do not use acetone if you plan to reuse your Flossy Brand nails again.